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Medium: Fiber, Glass, Metal, Mixed Media, Polymer Clay, Printmaking, Wood

Taught by: Robert Dorr, Victoria Elbroch, Bill Mitchell, Deb Fairchild, Jessie O'Brien, Joy Raskin, Anne Sherman

Course Description:

Enjoy a day of hands-on learning at The Craft Center @ League of NH Craftsmen’s HQ in Concord! Workshops will be taught by juried members of the League and will feature activities that can be adapted and integrated into your classrooms.

Workshop cost is $95 per person. An optional lunch is available for an additional $10 per person.  Pre-registration is required.

Online registration is now available.  When we receive your registration, you will be contacted to determine your session preferences as well as your lunch choices.  Prompt replies to our confirmation will ensure the best session selections.  Thank you.

If you need to pay for the course on the session day with a school district check, please email us directly at League HQ to reserve your space.  NHLEAGUE@NHCRAFTS.ORG  Please use the subject line “Professional Development Day Registration”

Daily Sketch: Exploring Abstraction and Mixed Media with Robert Dorr

We will be using different mediums like rubbing alcohol, chalk pastel, spray varnish, watercolors, clear gesso, colored pencils and gloss acrylic varnish to capture the essential idea in an image. Each student will leave with at least one 8 1/2 x 11 piece.

Printmaking Workshop with Victoria Elbroch and Bill Mitchell

We can look at a Solar Plate, and I will describe how to make one and even print it to show you, then we will all make a small intaglio on polycarbonate (very reasonably priced) and will incise, texture and make interesting marks to print. After, we will also create background monotype plates using masks, stencils and additional marks. With careful registration these can be layered with the intaglio to create unique colorful prints. We will print as many as possible in the time allowed.

Polymer Clay Whistles with Deb Fairchild (morning only)

Polymer clay (aka Sculpey or Fimo) is an easy alternative to ceramics.  In this workshop, students will use polymer clay to create colorful, tuneful whistles!  After exploring the mechanics of whistle design, you will be able to sculpt, carve and otherwise decorate your whistles to create unique designs that can be worn as a pendant.

Beginning Pyrography (Woodburning) with Jessie O’Brien

Pyrography is the art of drawing with a heated metal tip into non-traditional surfaces such as wood, gourds and leather. It is an ancient process that was practiced by many cultures throughout history.  Students will learn how to create simple marks with the burning pen and complete a simple drawing on a piece of wood.  Students will learn proper handling of the burning unit and how to prepare the wood surface.

Lampworking with Joy Raskin (morning only)

Learn to melt glass rods around metal mandrels to make glass beads.  Students will learn introductory techniques for making beads with stripes and dots.

Bangles & Bracelets with Joy Raskin (afternoon only)

Students will shape, hammer and fabricate thick copper and brass wire to make bangles that slip over their hands and cuff bracelets that hug their arms.

Needle Weaving with Anne Sherman

In this workshop participants will learn a tapestry weaving technique that is centuries old but used in contemporary art.  Students will learn four tapestry techniques using a design provided on graph paper mounted to a board. Participants will learn how to number and place pins for both warp and weft threads, thread the warp and weave a sampler.

Course Price: $95

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Course Number:

PD F100518

Course Location:

League of NH Craftsmen Headquarters
49 South Main Street, Suite 100
Concord, NH, 03301




October 5, 2018


9:00 am - 3:00 pm