Baskets from Ply Split Cords CC F219 T417

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This class is no longer available

Sarah Fortin
CC F219 T417
The Craft Center
Saturday/Sunday, 11/11/17-11/12/17
9:00 AM
5:00 PM
$25 +
Course Price $200.00

Learn the craft of ply split braiding (interlacement) with paper raffia cords.  We will begin with a basic, flat band from cotton cord, that may be used for a bookmark or key fob.  Students will then advance to a small basket made from paper raffia cords.  Students will have the opportunity to learn the art of cord making with the Bradshaw cordmaker.


The kit fee (materials fee) is $25 for these two projects.  Students will then have the option to purchase paper raffia for making cords for a second basket for an additional fee.  All written instructions will be provided by the instructor.

Gripfids, the ply split tool will be available for use.  They will be available to purchase for $10 each if students wish to buy their own.

Students should bring sharp scissors, flexible measuring tape.