Kiln-Fired Dichroic Glass Pendants CC G102 T118

Course Details


Lynn Haust
CC G102 T118
The Craft Center
Saturday & Sunday, 03/24-25/18
9:30 AM
11:30 AM SAT/12:30 PM SUN
Course Price $150.00

Melting glass is fun and addictive! This fast paced class will give you a chance to explore kiln-fired glass and many techniques that make melting glass so exciting. You will use dichroic, transparent and opaque glass on a base of clear or black Bullseye glass to create designs that feature the depth and sparkle of dichroic techniques. You will also have the opportunity to experiment with glass frit, mica powders and other inclusions. In the second session, after the glass is full fused, you will cold work the glass to create the finished pendants. This workshop will also cover safety considerations, firing instructions and cold working. Due to time constraints of the annealing process, you will need to pick up your pendants after the second session.