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Education - Craft Education Program Enhancement Grant Information and Online Form

Background and Purpose

The League of NH Craftsmen promotes arts and crafts in the state by providing opportunities for craft education and exhibitions.  The purpose of Craft Education Program Enhancement Grants is to provide supplementary financial assistance to locally raised funds to initiate, improve, or extend craft education programs.  Requests for funding up to fifty percent of the total cost of the project will be considered.

The application process is competitive and seeks to discover unique opportunities that may be replicated in other communities.  To conserve community resources, the League encourages cooperation and collaboration between local craft councils, community groups and craft guilds.

Eligibility for Funding

Any organization engaged in conducting craft-related education activities may apply for a Craft Education Program Enhancement Grant.  Such organizations may include local craft councils, craft guilds, and community-based nonprofit arts organizations.

Examples of Eligible Projects:

Examples of Ineligible Projects:

Application Deadline

Applications sent via certified mail must be postmarked on or before January 31.  Hand delivered applications must be in the League Office before 4 p.m. January 31.  Awards will be mailed March 15.

Award of Grants

The League will contract with local craft councils, craft guilds, and community-based arts organizations to implement the Craft Education Program Enhancement Project.  Grant funds may be matched via co-sponsored programs such as:  Adult Education Centers, Local Museums, Cultural Centers, Area Arts Councils, or School Departments.

Funding Notice Requirements

All publicity and promotional materials related to League funded programs are required to use the following notice:  “This program has been funded in part by the League of NH Craftsmen, Inc.”

Unexpended Funds

At the end of the grant period unexpended League-granted funds or funds spent on a non-related purpose must be returned to the League.  If an organization fails to comply, the League will not consider another grant request for five years.

Final Report

At the conclusion of the project, the organization shall submit a Final Report containing:

The LNHC will not consider another request for five years from organizations who fail to comply.

How to Apply for Funds

Complete the online form below.

Craft Education Program Enhancement Grant

Please fill out the following form and provide all requested attachments. Review all of the requirements including any attachments prior to beginning to fill out this form to be sure you have all of the necessary information.

After you submit this form, you will receive, by email, a confirmation of your submission and a copy of your submission including attachments. You must provide the appropriate email address in the "Your Email Address" field below in order to receive your email submission confirmation.

Your Name
Your Email Address
Organization Information
Organization Name
Local Craft Education Coordinator Information
Phone Numbers
Email Address
Project Coordinator Information
Phone Numbers
Email Address
Total Project Budget
Project Title
Amount Requested
Date Project Will Begin
Date Project Will End

Please attach a Microsoft Word Compatible or PDF Document describing the following aspects of your project (please attach below)

A. Briefly describe your project

B. Program Narrative

C. Please include the following components by attaching an electronic document using the browse button below:

1) A detailed description of the project
2) The mission of your education program
3) This year’s goals for your education program
4) The ways in which this project will meet or exceed this year’s goals
5) A description of expected collaboration with other community organizations, including the name of other organizations
6) A description of project evaluation, including description of method of evaluating students
7) The list of names and phone numbers of everyone involved in the project, including positions and involvement
8) A description of fund raising efforts
9) The names, addresses, and business affiliations of all members of your governing board

(please attach by clicking on the browse button below and attaching a copy of the letter from your computer.)

D. Successful applicants will also meet the following requirements:

1) Compliance with all deadlines
2) Complete submission including all support documentation
3) Applications legibly written, typed or created using a word processor
4) Demonstration of a well thought out project plan and a method for evaluation


Applications from community-based arts organizations must include a 501(c)(3) Determination
Letter (please attach by clicking on the browse button below and attaching a copy of the letter from your computer.)


Proposed Project Budget

This must be included with Craft Education Program Enhancement Grant Application.

Round to the nearest whole dollar.

Revenues (Description) Dollars Dollar Value of In-Kind Contributions
$ $
$ $
$ $
$ $
League Grant $ $
Your Organization's Contribution $ $
Total Revenue $ $
Expenses (Description)    
$ $
$ $
$ $
Craft Materials or Supplies $ $
Advertising/Promotion $ $
Printing Costs $ $
Space Rental/Janitorial $ $
Equipment Rental $ $
Utilities Cost $ $
Other (Specify)
$ $


Please attach a current Budget Sheet and a Revenue/Expense Statement from your organization.
Applications will not be processed without a Budget Sheet and a Revenue/Expense Statement.

Revenue/Expense Statement


Also note: Within thirty days after the Project End Date (the date you specified on your application), complete the Project Evaluation Report Form.


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