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Education - High School Senior Craft Education Scholarship Application Online Form

Please fill out the following form and provide all requested attachments. Review all of the requirements including any attachments prior to beginning to fill out this form to be sure you have all of the necessary information.

After you submit this form, you will receive an email confirmation of your submission and a copy of your submission including attachments. You must provide the appropriate email address in the "Your Email Address" field below in order to receive your email submission confirmation.


The NH High School Senior Craft Education Scholarship Program of the League of NH Craftsmen, Inc. is administered by the League Education Committee and is designed to provide supplementary financial assistance to students pursuing an education in the field of craft related studies.


Anyone living in New Hampshire or within ten miles of its border is eligible to receive a High School Senior Craft Education Scholarship.  The application process is competitive.  The Education Committee is interested in supporting intensive educational activities that present creative approaches to learning and are designed to:

Application Deadlines

Applications for the High School Senior Craft Education Scholarships must be submitted by
April 1.  The Scholarship Panel will review all applications and make recommendations to the Education Committee.  Payment of scholarships will be made in June.

How to Apply

Complete the following online form.

Your Name
Your Email Address
Phone Numbers
High School You Are Attending
In one or two sentences, please describe the program of study
  Amount Requested: $1,000

Please attach a Microsoft Word Compatible or PDF Document describing the following aspects of your project (please attach below)

In a separately attached file, please reply to the following:

  1. Give the name of the college, institute or educational center where you will study
  2. Describe in detail the courses and the methods of instruction
  3. Explain the significance of the college or institute (if this is an important factor in your decision to pursue this activity)
  4. What do you hope to learn from the course offerings?
  5. How will this college or institute help you meet your professional or personal craft-related goals?


As a condition of acceptance as a League Scholar, I agree to share the results of my study with League members through one or more of the following means (check all that apply):

Lecture on study topic A white paper report
Conduct a workshop Produce a visual presentation
Other (Please describe)

Supporting Material

Please attach a Microsoft Word Compatible or PDF Document describing the following aspects of your project (please attach the file using the browse button below and attaching the file from your computer). If you are unable to provide all of the information in an attached electronic document, please attach documents to emails and send to Catherine Green or mail to Catherine Green at the League of NH Craftsmen.

Please include the following materials in your application:

1) An explanation of artistic experience and education
2) Ten current slides or photos of your work
3) If you do not have a body of work, send a one-page narrative describing your interest in the class and the impact the class will have on your craft-related goals
4) A photocopy of Proof of Residence
5) Materials describing the class and its significance and all related costs



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