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We are a not-for-profit art and craft school that offers classes for students of all ages and at all levels of experience.

The school features a pottery and jewelry studio, with classes taught by both juried League members and professional
local artists. We have a growing number of classes and workshops in other media, including painting, drawing, fiber, blacksmithing and basketry. 

The Littleton Studio School opened near the Littleton League Gallery
in September 2008.
The school is located on Mill St across from Shilling Restaurant 


If you would like a printed copy of our schedule please send an e-mail to littleton.studio.school@gmail.com with your address
or stop by the studio and check out what is going on!

Private class? Party? Team building? Bridal Shower ?
The possibilities are endless!

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With Maria Neal

Beginners or experienced potters will gain a solid foundation or stretch their abilities working with the hand-building process. Whether it is working with slabs to create mugs, bowls or boxes or learning coiling and pinching techniques to create vases and other forms, Maria’s creativity is sure to build upon your love of clay to create fun and fabulous pieces. Maria will tailor this class to the abilities of the students.
6 Week Session
Mondays June 29th to August 3rd
Tuition: $165 Estimated Materials Fee: $30



Open to beginners and students with any level of clay experience. From basic throwing and hand-building skills, to creating advanced forms and applying surface designs, Alison works with students one on one to help them develop their clay skills.
Choose a session taught by Alison Dodd

 Wednesdays July 1st to August 5th 9:00AM-12:00PM  
Thursdays July 2nd to August 6th 6:00PM - 9:00PM 

6 Week Throwing Session With special guest instructor
 Kristine Soleri

Tuesdays June 30th to August 4th  6:00PM-9:00PM

Tuition: $198 Estimated Materials Fee: $30

With Alison Dodd

Explore the Raku firing process and learn about its exciting possibilities! In this day long workshop we will do standard raku firing along with some naked raku and aluminum foil saggar firing if time permits. Glazes will be supplied! Students should bring their own pots to fire including some that have been treated with terra sigillatta along with a pot luck lunch! Class is off site in Franconia, directions at sign-up. Please note pieces must be bisque fired*
This workshop fills quickly. Sign up Today ! 
One Day Workshop

Saturday August 15th 10:00AM-4:00PM
Tuition: $75 Estimated Materials Fee: $10

Clay Open Studio Hours

Sunday 1-4
Tuesday 1-4
Wednesday 12-3
Friday 10-1

*Must have taken a class to participate in Open Studio.
Call 603-444-1066 for info + pricing 


CALL 603-444-1066 TO REGISTER

 Some Metal Jewelry Classes Are Open to Teens - Please Call to Inquire

Enameling: Color Play
With Lucy Golden

Enameling is the age-old art of fusing colorful glass to metal. In this class, beginning and ongoing students will be introduced to techniques of sifting, using stencils, and sgraffito, among others. Exciting colors of enamel are available. Millefiori beads, silver wire and foil can be added as accents. Students will have at least one finished piece by the end of the day.
One Day Workshop
Sunday May 31st 10:00am-4:00PM
Tuition: $79.00 Materials: $10.00


Jewelry Fundamentals
With Jean Matray

Explore fundamentals of metal-smithing, including soldering, sawing, forming, surface texture and finishing. Make a ring, a bracelet, earrings (and more!). Each project builds on the techniques learned in the last. This class can be taken repeatedly as students develop their skills and personal styles.

Tuition: $203 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD

Guided Open Session
With Jean Matray

Learn new techniques while working on your own projects. The group chooses a single technique to explore during the session, such as bezel setting, soldering or enameling. The instructor leads group creative discussions where students learn from and inspire one another. Materials available for purchase.
6 Week Sessions
Thursdays July 2nd to August 6th 6:00PM-9PM
Tuition: $203 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD


Get Comfortable With Soldering

With Jean Matray

This intensive one-day class will help students understand and get comfortable with soldering. Students will work on a variety of diverse exercises in order to discover the subtleties of soldering by experimentation and repetition. All project materials will be provided.
Some experience is preferred.

One Day Workshop
Saturday May 30th 
Tuition: $84 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD


Wire Wrapping

With Judy Erickson

Class projects will include:
Egyptian coiling, Herringbone weave, Braided bezeling and more.
If you have experience with basic wire wrapping this class is a next step.
Come and have fun while creating beautiful jewelry.
One Day Workshop
Saturday June 6, 10:00AM -4:00PM
Intermediate to Advanced
Tuition: $76 Estimated Materials Fee: $25


Russian Leaf Earrings
With Deb Fairchild

The elegant Russian leaf motif is a cool variation of the peyote beadweaving technique. In this class you will learn how to work on the diagonal. We will make earrings, but the technique is easily adapted for other applications. No prior beadweaving experience required.
One Day Workshop
Saturday June 27th 10:00AM to 2:00PM
Tuition: $48 Estimated Materials Fee: $15


Alternative Casting Methods

With Jean Matray & Lucy Golden

Discover simple techniques for melting and pouring molten metal including broom casting, water casting and more! One advantage of direct casting is that you can recycle scraps into new jewelry without incurring high refining costs! Basic metal-smithing skills required.
One Day Workshop
Saturday June 27th  10:00AM -4:00PM
Tuition: $84 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD
Loop In Loop Chain
With Annie Salter

The technique of "loop in loop" chains dates to ancient Greece. Students will learn how to fuse fine silver and learn the basic link structure.
Two Day Workshop
Saturday & Sunday July 18th & 19th
10:00AM - 4:00PM
Tuition: $178 Estimated Materials Fee:TBD
Cold Connections
With Monica Eastman

No solder needed! Learn the basics of cold connections in this one day class. Practice solid rivets, tube rivets, both commercial and hand made. Try using mini bolts and explore ways to connect metal without solder using tabs of various types. Experiment with trapping objects in your jewelry. Learn how to make connections that allow the separate pieces to move independently.

One Day Workshop
Saturday July 25th  10:00AM -4:00PM
Tuition: $84 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD
Basic Bezel Setting
With Sinead Cleary

Ever want to know how to bezel set stones? This one day workshop will
cover the basics of how to make a bezel setting. You can set anything that has a flat bottom and any shape top stone, glass, clay and more. Learn tips and tricks on how to set your stone perfectly, clean up your bezel and create a beautiful polish. Instructor will provide silver bezel strip, silver wire, silver sheet, and a small assortment of stones for students to purchase.
One Day Workshop
Saturday August 8th  10:00AM – 4:00PM
Tuition: $84 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD
Surface Textures
With Cathy Smith

In this class we will focus on different ways to add interest to the surface of metal. This will include embossing, hammering, stamping, layering, and adding patina. We will make earrings or a pendant learning the different techniques to embellish. Bring beads to add if you like.
Two Sessions
Wednesday August 5th &  August 12th
Tuition: $84 Estimated Materials Fee: $30

Torch-fired Enamels:Enamel & Setting as Equal Partners 
With Anne Havel


Bezels are not the only way to go with enamels! Screws, rivets, sewing with wire, etc. must be considered before enameling. You will create your perfect enamel piece through torch-firing, then incorporate it into the full evolution of the completed piece. This class is for people with at least some metalsmithing skills who wish to use the artistic process to create more complex settings for their enamels. The class will cover torch-firing (although a kiln may be used) as the method of creating an enamel piece, but the main focus will be creating fun, exciting, unusual settings for your piece.
Three Day Workshop
August 21st -August 23rd
Friday 6:00PM - 9:00PM, Saturday & Sunday 10:00AM - 5:00PM
Tuition: $204 Estimated Materials Fee:TBD


Metals Open Studio Hours

Tuesdays 6-9 PM

Need more independent time in the studio to continue working on a class project or start other personal projects?   A  monitor will be available to oversee the studio.
Students provide their own materials, but may utilize the tools, soldering and finishing equipment in the studio.

$5.00 per hour      ~      10 hours for $40.00

Prerequisites:  Students who have completed Jewelry Fundamentals and at least one course of Guided Open Session may use the Metals Open Studio. 



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Basket Making
With Ray Lagasse


Choose from an assortment of Ray’s wonderful baskets.
 1.) Double Pie Basket- 10" W X 20" X 5" high w/ 2 wooden swing handle,
2.) Pack Basket- 7" W X 14" L by 17" high with strap, 
3.) Market Basket- 9" W X 18" L X 8" high w/ 2 wooden swing handles, 
4.) Laundry Basket- 11" W X 18" L X 12" high with 2 handles.
Saturday July 25th 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Tuition:$150 Estimated Materials Fee:Included

Stained Glass
With Jacki Scott

Stained glass class
If you have always wanted to try stained glass here is the workshop for you! You will select a color family for making a sun catcher. After cutting the glass, grinding it to fit, copper foiling the piece and soldering, you will take home your very own sun catcher. All materials and machines will be provided by the instructor.
Please provide color choices when registering.
One Day Workshop
Saturday June 20th 10:00AM – 3:00PM
Tuition: $65 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD

Traveling With Your Sketchbook
With Kristine Lingle

In this 3-hour workshop we will meet at The Rocks Estate in Bethlehem, where there is a variety of subjects to sketch, including historic architecture, stone walls, lush perennial gardens and stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains. Students will learn how to design an interesting page, combining text with image, as well as how to use a viewfinder for composition. Kristine will demonstrate ways to use line, value, color and perspective in your sketches. Students should bring a sketchbook and any materials they wish to use, such as graphite pencils, colored pencils, gel pens or watercolors. Also recommended are sunscreen, hat, bug spray, bottled water and a camp stool.
One Day Workshop
Saturday July 11th  9:00AM – 12:00PM
Tuition: $36 Estimated Materials Fee: List Provided 
Water Color Freedom & Fun
With Cathy Smith

In this 6 week class we'll explore innovative ways to put paint to paper. We can all enjoy the pleasures of color and exploration. If you are new to watercolor, this will be a good introduction to color and the ways of the paint. If you have experience, this may send you off in new directions unexplored before! Bring watercolors, brushes, watercolor paper (a strathmore pad is fine), spray bottle for water if you have one. And the spirit of exploration!
6 Week Session
Thursdays July 9th to August 13th 9:00AM-12:00PM
Tuition: $198 Estimated Materials Fee : List Provided
Drawing From Nature With Colored Pencils
With Denise Crowley

Colored Pencil is a versatile medium that can color nature beautifully! This class explores the materials now available to the CP artist. We’ll cover mark making, color mixing, creating values and texture, and techniques with fun exercises. We’ll combine what we learn to draw from nature. This is a beginner class, but some drawing experience is preferred. Materials list to be provided.
6 Week Session
Mondays July 6th to August 10th 4:00PM-6:00PM
Tuition: $144 Estimated Materials Fee: List Provided


Multi-plate Printing
With Melissa Jones

There are many methods of printing, but few utilize simplistic materials, offer a variety of techniques to support creativity, is easily transportable, and simple to clean up...all with the addition of being fun!
Learn how to create progressive texture prints, utilize drawing and painting skills to create a plates and print over plain or painted backgrounds, and print with shaped plates.
This class is open to beginners and experienced printers to discover new methods of printing & learn techniques to create colorful
multi-layered printing.
Three Day Workshop
Saturday July 11th, July 18th & Sunday July 19th
9:00AM -12:00PM

Tuition: $99 Estimated Materials Fee: $20


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Shaving Cream Prints
With Melissa Jones

There are many different ways to make prints, from the highly technical and complex to the relatively simple. This really fun printing activity can marble paper or create actual images using nontraditional printing materials. Finished prints can be used for a variety of other art projects or stand alone as a unique piece of art. Explore how regular shaving cream and food coloring can create fun and vibrantly colored prints through a process that seems almost like magic!
One Day Workshop
Thursday June 25th  9:00AM to 11:00AM

Tuition: $30 Estimated Materials Fee: $10

Kids Throwing
With Nicole Knowlton

This is the class for the young artist that wants to learn how to throw on the wheel. Students will learn how to center the clay, throw cups, bowls and pots. All student work will be glazed during the last class.
6 Week Session
Thursdays July 2nd to August 6th  9:00AM – 11:30AM

Tuition: $165 Estimated Materials Fee: $30

Kids Water Color
With Nicole Knowlton

Students will explore the basics of Watercolor: choosing brushes, paint and paper, mixing and applying paint. Experiment with exciting tricks and techniques in a fun environment. Students will create several finished paintings, while getting a good feel for a unique, enjoyable, and very beautiful medium.
6 Week Session
Wednesdays July 1st to August 5th
9:00AM – 11:30AM
Tuition: $165 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD

Clay People
With Melissa Jones

Students will practice coil building, pinch pot, and sculpting skills in all the same project.  Construct a clay person that resembles someone you know or a fantasy character!
Two Day Workshop
Tuesday & Wednesday August 11th & 12th
9:00AM -11:00AM
Tuition: $64 Materials Fee: Included

Kids Mixed Media
With Nicole Knowlton

Students will combine the powers of observation with imagination in this exploratory mixed media class. Within a fun and supportive environment, students are encouraged to develop their skills with a variety of media such as pencil, acrylic paint, water color, and more!
Three Day Workshop
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday August 18th, 19th & 20th
9:00AM – 11:30AM
Tuition: $83 Estimated Materials Fee: TBD


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