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Medium: Metal

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Adams, Lynn
Beaulieu, Diana
Behrsing, Anne
Bennett, Jeanne
Boyle, Walker
Brehm, Donald
Brochu, Laurel
Brunk, Ryan
Burns, Thomas
Butler, Bill
Carlson, Benjamin
Caswell, Allen and Brenda
Cherepova, Tanya
Cloutier, Lance
Cook, James
Court, David
Cravens, Ron
Curtin, Kathleen
DeRobertis, Joseph
Dinan, Anne
Dokus, Jack
Donchian, Deirdre
Donnelly, Deirdre
Dossett, Meggin
Eddy, Ian
Eisenberg, Karen
Ekbergh, Sharyn
Elkin, Rick
Farchaus, Joe
Felix, Don
Fortier, Rebecca
Freethey, Philip
Gibson, Jonathan
Golden, Lucy
Gormley (Cote), Lia
Gross, Paul
Haas, Rebecca
Hanson, Anne
Happny, Peter
Hayden, Steven
Hilbrig-Tauroney, Christiane
Hitchmough, Howard
Hopkins, Stacy
Jacques, George
Jonas, Zachary
Junker, Payne and Elise
Kalajian, Garry
Kalled, Jennifer
Kantro, Ken
Keeney, Betsy
Kennedy, Kristin
Kilham, Amy
Knipe, Heidi
Knipe, Mark
Kolb, Michelle
Krzewinski, Kathleen
Kuegel, William and Lynn
Kuhner, Thomas
LaBella, Blair
Lane, Kristine
LaRose, Gary
Liff, Walter
Lincoln, David
Little, David
Livermore, James
Lorette, Andrea and Jim
Lunn, John
Marble (Nugent), Cynthia and David
Matray, Jean
May, George
McDonald, Daphne
McGurrin, Tom
McLaughlin, Barbara
Meyer, Deborah
Mitchell, Karen
Mulvey, Susan
Niskala, Nurit
Noiseux, Debbie
Norton, Cherie
Nowers, Elizabeth
Orgren, Rosemary
Ostrander, Doug
Pacht, Orin
Pearce, Fred and Kate
Pearsall, Susan
Rae, Marcia
Raskin, Joy
Richter, Paul
Robinson, Stephanie
Rogers, Dale
Rowe, Susanne
Rudolph, Katherine
Russell, James
Salter, Annie
Saunderson, George
Scala, Lisa
Schmidt, Julie
Shearin, Katie
Shields, Sussy-Rose
Shishkov, Georgi
Simon, Beth
Sleeper, Tom
Smith, Lochlin
Sorensen, Linda
Spurling, John
Stamper, Jim
Stoffel, Michael
Sundin, Lauran
Tovey, James
Verani, Michela
Walker, Erica
Warg, Pauline
Werger, Paulette
White, Mark
White, Caleb
Wright, Madeleine
Yelle, Charlene and Bill
Zotcavage, Nina

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