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Annual Ornament

Each year our juried members vie for the honor of creating the League's Annual Ornament. They submit their work and a selection is made by a specially chosen committee. This tradition began in 1988, and the Annual Ornament has become a must-have holiday treasure.

2013 Annual Ornament: Woven in Winter by Alice OgdenThe League of NH Craftsmen’s annual ornament for 2013 is Woven in Winter, a miniature, woven black ash basket with a white oak handle and rim made by Alice Ogden (Salisbury, NH). The ornament is embellished with a shimmery sage-colored ribbon on the front, and has a golden thread for hanging on a tree or wreath. Its open weave allows the decorative lights of a Christmas tree to shine through it. Woven in Winter ornaments are sold exclusively by the League of NH Craftsmen Fine Craft Galleries, in the League's online store, and at the Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair, August 3-11, 2013. Each ornament is numbered as one of a limited edition. The ornament comes beautifully gift-boxed and sells for $24.50.

About the Maker
A juried member of the League since 1980, Alice Ogden has been making baskets of all sizes for more than 30 years. “Every year, for the past 16 years, I create a collection of basket ornaments, called From My Tree to Yours,” said Alice. “I am excited to have created this one for the League’s annual ornament program.” She is known for her signature hand-whittled oak rims and handles, and harvests all the natural materials with the help of her husband Brad, who is a logger. “I do not use store bought materials. My husband and I go out in the woods to find the trees (primarily black ash and white oak) and he cuts them down. Then I peel off the splints, and use them to make my baskets,” said Alice. “I like the control that I have when I make baskets using materials I’ve collected and prepared myself. It’s very spiritual – you take something as rough as a tree and make something beautiful and functional.”

As a young girl, Alice would watch her mother cane chairs for antique dealers and museums.  “In a way, it came naturally to me to make baskets,” said Alice. “When I turned 18, I was fortunate to be able to buy a one-room schoolhouse, and that become my basketmaking studio.”  She then joined the League, and shortly thereafter, received a scholarship from the League to pursue further training for her craft. Since then she has been making and selling her baskets and teaching workshops in her studio and throughout the US. Alice is active in the Arts in Education Program with the NH State Council on the Arts and has taught children’s workshops at the Annual League of NH Craftsmen’s Fair. (She will have a craft booth at the Fair this year). “Basketmaking still fascinates me after all these years,” she says.” I love nature and living in the woods, so basketmaking fits into my lifestyle.”  

Some of Alice’s baskets will be on display at the Smithsonian Museum from October 4 through January 12, 2014 in an exhibition called A Measure of Earth: The Cole-Ware Collection of American Baskets that presents the role basketry has played in the everyday life of Americans. Her work is also featured in Baskets – A Book for Makers and Collectors and is collected by basket lovers around the world. One collector is renowned sculptor Martin Puryear, “One of the biggest baskets I ever created was for Martin,” said Alice. “It was the size of a piece of furniture. He sent me the rims and handles and I had to create a basket to fit.  Usually I create the basket first. It took me a year to make – it was truly a unique piece.”


Past Annual Ornaments

2012: Woodland Treasure
by Aaron Slater



2011: Nature's Adornment
by Walker Boyle

2010: Two Turtle Doves
by Peggy Roth



2009: The Gift
by Joe DeRobertis

2008: Evergreen Dreams
by Jeff Lamy & Erica Steinmetz



2007: Partridge in a Pear Tree
by Peggy Roth

2006: Gathering Together
by Susanne Rowe



2005: Holly
by Elaine Russell

2004: Starry Starry Night
by Susanne Rowe


2003: Snow Day
by Curt Tyler


2002: Snow Crystal
by Kristine Lane &
Paulette Werger


2001: Winter's Night
by Susanne Rowe

2000: Sterling the Snowman
by William & Lynn Kuegel


1999: Sleigh Bell
by Karen Twombly

1998:Twilight Star
by Curt Tyler


1997: Winter Dove
by Ken Kantro

1996: Rocking Horse
by Joseph DeRobertis


1995: Snowflake
by Karen Twombly

1994: Peace on Earth
by Gail Wilson


1993: One World
by Harry Besett

1992: Santa
by Gail Wilson


1991: Global Peace
by Curt Tyler

1990: North Star
by Ken Kantro



1989: Mt. Chocorua (silver or brass)
by Pauline Warg


1988: Dove
by Ken Kantro

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