Tigers Eye & Soutache Necklace


Tigers Eye & Soutache Necklace

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When people ask me, “Why is your art-business called ‘Amee Runs with Scissors?''' I usually just laugh and say because it sounds a whole lot sexier than “Amee Eats Paste.” I work out of my home in southern New Hampshire making one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable-art textile-jewelry. My craft - Soutache & Bead Embroidery - involves hand-stitching yards and yards of fabric braid with hundreds of tiny beads. I write, sell Soutache & Bead Embroidery supplies and teach classes out of my studio and at venues across the country.

This handcrafted necklace features a tryptic pendant with tigers eye and soutache beaded embroidery as well as a brass chain with a toggle clasp. This truly one of a kind necklace measures 20 inches in length.

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Littleton Fine Craft Gallery Beth Simon/Manager 81 Main Street Lower Level Littleton, NH 03561 603-444-1099 littletoncrafts@gmail.com littleton.nhcrafts.org Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday 10-6 Sunday 10:30-5 Nestled in the shadow of New Hampshire’s White Mountains and located along the bank of the Ammonoosuc River, Littleton is the hub of the North Country. You will find the Littleton League of NH Craftsmen Fine Craft Gallery at 81 Main St, in the heart of downtown . With one of the best selections of fine crafts in New Hampshire: From mugs to wood-block prints, hammered silver bracelets to handwoven shawls, you will always find something elegant, playful, practical and original . The Littleton Gallery opened in 2004, one of the League’s eight retail galleries around the state.  

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