“I Believe” Calligraphy


“I Believe” Calligraphy

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I am an art maker, a pathfinder and storyteller. I use whatever materials it takes to begin my journey. Being a mixed media artist has been a true evolution, to say the least. I was originally juried into the League as a photographer, then discovered calligraphy, and then to support my “paper habit” I started making books and then…well…that just lead me down a wonderful path. I teach calligraphy and book arts at my studio in Boscawen TWIGGS Gallery, and I love to create custom pieces as well as invitations, citations, and special events.

“I believe we are here for a reason, I believe that as each day unfolds, we see less of the shadow and more of the sun, less of the tarnish and more of the gold.” – C. Hawkinson

12.5″ long x 9.5″ wide

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Nashua Fine Craft Gallery Ruth Boland, Manager 98 Main Street Nashua, NH 03060 603-595-8233 nashuarg@nhcrafts.org

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Dimensions 16 x 18 x 6 in

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